Writing Our Wrongs.

For the two-year anniversary of F-You (!!!!!), we are also celebrating our 20th public project on forgiveness and celebrating over 50 young adult speakers. We’ve had over 2200 attendees since we began and we are PROUD. Besides doing a massive event on December 10th, we are also putting together a mini book on *our* stories of forgiveness to giveaway the same day. 

We’re looking for those who want to express themselves through their words – a story, poem, lyrics, journal entry etc. We want your honest truth. These will be printed in a super basic handout, because its all out of pocket, but we are currently discussing publishing deals for 2013. 
Please send this out to anyone you think that would be interested..anyone is able to write their stories of forgiveness/reconciliation/conflict/restoration. 
-honest piece. our attendees see through anything less.
-under 1000 words
-we dont censor but we ask the piece is created through peace
feel free to contact me – Tara  | projectfword@gmail.com

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