Jessica Kaya [Blog]

Like everyone else, I want to be successful.

Success in achieving physical health, living vitality, overcoming pain and illness.
To have success financially, so that I can provide for myself.
Success in my personal relationships, with meaningful, long lasting and loyal connections

I know that all of these are essential, but there’s a less popular pursuit. Attending to the success of my own emotional and mental well being.

Broken families, abuse, trauma, neglect, leading to personal struggles with anxiety and mental well being, is everywhere.
I’ve always felt it as a collective mood.
With what seems to me as not enough time spent on or a clear direction given into this interest, we tend to scramble and search to find the internal resources and know how, once the seams of our relationships, finances, careers or health come apart.
I think this is backwards.

An introduction to personal development, and the benefits to be had by taking the time to invest in one’s own emotional and mental health, F-Word fosters awareness and compassion for all that we have suffered, and how it has effected our inner world and in turn, our entire lives.

The F-Word project promotes personal and emotional freedom from the common mistake of hiding our pain away.

I believe this to be a first and essential step, in a pursuit of mental well being

I always remember through out my life, hoping, needing and sometimes waiting to hear somebody say they felt like me.

That they felt numb so much of the time, like nothing was real.
That they felt like dying, not even because they hated their life or something they had done, but simply because they had no desire, no energy, belief in humanity,dream or connection, meaningful enough to want to live for.
That they had worked hard to be able to improve their life’s circumstance, and still, nothing mattered.
That acting all day was too exhausting, so unconsciousness became the dream.

It never happened.

I’ve had the privilege of speaking at 4 F-Word events, with the hopes of being this voice for someone, a person that relates to these realities. During and after each event many people share how themselves or someone in their life, suffers from depression or mental illness.

Forgiving myself for my depression based ways of thinking, feeling and acting, was one of the first major breakthroughs towards my effort in overcoming depression.
This forgiveness has never been a one time decision. It’s a compassion for and connection to myself that I have foster routinely, and it has taken a lot of effort and professional help

I put up fight for every little bit of hope and personal success that I feel, proving myself to myself is a constant effort.

Prioritizing this focus, and encouraging others to do so is what I am most passionate about, next to music.
F-Word is an excellent environment to learn about and experience the importance and impact of personal growth.

If given the opportunity, please go.


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