What have others said about the Project?

When a person is given the forum to share and hear people’s personal stories, they begin to understand that they are not alone in emotions such as resentment, hatred, victimization etc, and they are able to mentally progress towards dreams.  The Forgiveness Project gives people this platform, where young people who have been marginalized and/or who have faced extremely challenging and often tragic experiences have opportunities to share their stories without judgment, and others get opportunities for learning and understanding.  One of our previous speakers told us that sharing his story of family violence enabled him to accept his story, and realized that it didn’t define him, it was just his story.  He said he felt that it made him “become human”.  We asked participants what they thought the impact of the Forgiveness Project could be on the community.  They told us:


“The F You Project has been very important to my own personal growth. I attended the first event and was so taken aback by the emotional rawness of the content that I attended several F You Projects thereafter, even speaking at a few myself. This project brings people together by allowing us to tell our stories and realize how alike we all are. Everyone has a story. Everyone has been wronged and has wronged. And when a space is created that nurtures and encourages sharing of these stories, it provides a priceless gateway for everyone involved.”


“F-You is definitely an integral part of Toronto’s community, and an example of community working together to erase negativity and inspire healing, and at that, has such a broad scope in the artistic community, it touches so many people. I would like to see F-You be a cross-country event that travels to the major cities, and teach these cities how to involve key influential figure in media the way that it does now. Eventually, partnering with the U.S. to do the same.  After that, teaming up to spread the love across the globe?  Anything’s possible.  What would make it better would be to have an official team to delegate responsibilities and establish its presence.”-24 Year Old Male Attendee


“I think the impact on the community would be extremely powerful.  Over time the community would feel empowered and would become educated about topics that young people need to feel more comfortable to talk about.”


 “I think the impact for the community would be amazing!  People need to know there is help and support for walks of all kinds.”


“If it reached the youth demographic in schools, it would change a lot in our communities.”


“I think that with more awareness it could be a part of many solutions to change the culture of our youth. “


 “It can definitely bring awareness to topics that are taboo or where stigmas exist “


 “Everyone’s stories are so real and I can learn from every single one of them”


“I think it gives the community a place to heal.”

“Self healing, so the vicious circle of pain and violence stops.”


“It has the ability to heal wounds, broken hearts and encourages others to speak up and heal others”


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